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Dr Bill Akpinar, D.Ac., D.D.S., M.D., B.S.

Bill Akpinar
University Health Sciences School of Medicine (U.H.S.A.), Ataturk University School of Dentistry, American College of Acupuncture, City University of New York
Dr. Bill Akpinar is the director of the Center for Healing in New York. He has successfully integrated Eastern and Western Medicine in his field for over 20 years. Having served as director of two major teaching hospital-based anesthesiology and pain management programs in the New York City area, Dr. Bill continues to train medical, dental, and podiatry residents. He holds numerous board certifications and fellowships, including acupuncture, pain management, forensic medicine, forensic dentistry, traumatic distress, as well as herbal and Tibetan medicine.

Dr. Bill thrives on the use of many non-traditional techniques in combination with his anesthesiology background in the field of headache and TMJ pain disorders, including music therapy (he is an accomplished musician), Chinese Heal Martial Arts, such as Chi Kung (he holds several black belts and practices various “internal” healing martial arts styles), oxygenation therapy, and has been trained by noted Chinese, Indian, Shaolin, Sufi, and Tibetan healing masters in the course of his career (including a mentorship with the Dali Lama’s personal physician, while in Tibet).

As medical director of the United States Karate Team, under the direction of his teacher and world Karate champion Terrence "Tokey" Hill, Dr. Bill has had the opportunity to apply his healing skills to the team in his travels with them. Dr. Bill now serves as medical director of the University of Natural Medicine, Santa Fe, New Mexico and is constantly searching for ways to bridge Eastern and Western Medicine and bring this knowledge to the public.

Lindsay Babich 

"Good Vibes: Welcome to Quantum Living for Health and Abundance."
In the 60's, 70's and 80's "good vibes" was all about "gettin' high,
turnin' on and tuning in."  We were ahead of the science. Well, now
that science has caught up, it's is time to focus our minds and sharpen
our quantum tools.  This program is about opening up your mind to new
definitions, expanding your view of reality and bringing it all down
to earth for practical application to achieve wellness in all its
forms: health, wealth and Love.
Esoteric information abounds on the internet but what does it mean for
us in our daily lives of struggle which means the very trying experience
of trying to manifest.  Like a teflon space suit, slipping into our
Divine States of Health and Abundance should happen with Ease and Grace.
Why are we all still "trying?" 
I ask the audience to "Allow" me to guide you how to "Allow" yourself to
slide and glide into the Quantum Life. Like I said, "Just Good Vibes!"

Rev. Lindsay Babich, CHTP
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner
Vibrational Health
Aromatherapy - Young Living Essential Oils    
BioMat and AlkaLife Water    
Tel 561-596-2727



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